Research topics

Here you find a list of research topics I am/ have been working with. A full list of my publications can be found on my Google Scholar Profile: Petra Bosch

Change Management

  • Change agents: development of practices and new roles related to digitalisation and sustainability change
  • Organizational change in different settings, e.g., digitalization transformation, development of new ways of working, etc.

New ways of work and interfirm and team cooperation

  • Global and virtual work: expectations, ICT, coordination, communication and knowledge sharing
  • Project organizations, i.e., construction design team cooperation and design space
  • Ecosystems: innovation ecosystems, business and software ecosystems
  • Remote management
  • Workplaces for distributed work

Knowledge sharing, learning and innovation

  • Knowledge creation, learning and sharing for interorganizational global work and virtual teams 
  • Knowledge sharing and learning in project-based firms (i.e., construction industry) 
  • Inter-organizational innovation / Open Innovation 
  • Project Space