Petra Bosch-Sijtsema, phD.


I am working as a senior researcher for the Helsinki University of Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management, Laboratory of Work Psychology and Leadership in Finland on the ProWork project, vmStan project and MoFS project (these projects are all partly performed in the US and partly in Finland). Currently I am a visiting scholar at Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA.

I conducted my PhD degree at Lund University, Sweden (licentiate degree) and Groningen University, The Netherlands (PhD degree) in Management & Organization.

My main research topics are:

I. Global distributed team issues like management, expectations, communication and coordination and knowledge transfer for both multi-locational and globally distributed employees.

II. Knowledge work productivity of global teams and workplace (physical, virtual and social workplace)

III. Knowledge development and transfer in project-based firms, innovation projects, and globally distributed teams.



Helsinki University of Technology. Lab. of Work Psychology and Leadership.

Espoo, Finland

Visiting scholar Stanford University

Civil & Environmental Engineering, Project-based learning lab.

Stanford, USA.

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